Missionary Fever

It was the middle of the night. I couldn't sleep. I knew our four-year-old Micah's fever was really high. I moved him to the couch and planned to do ironing and listen to sermonaudio.com. But while I was checking him, he woke up. His fever registered at over 102F. Here's a transcript of our dialogue:

"Micah, what's the worst thing that could happen to you?"

"I guess I could die."

"Would that be really awful?"

"Well, people think it would be scary, but it's not scary really because then I'd go to heaven and see Jesus... and then you and Daddy would have to bury me in the back yard, or maybe in the front yard."

"Micah, what would you want people to remember about you?"

"Well, I would just want them to know Jesus. But really I just want to be a missionary like you and Daddy are going to be."

"Well, let's pray that the Lord would take away your fever so you can be a missionary."

We prayed and then watched as Micah's fever dropped to 101 and then continued to progress downward toward normal. When he came in about 2 a.m. and asked for "some toast, with peanut butter and jelly, please," I knew he was on the mend. By the next morning, Micah was as good as new, and we were both the better for how the Lord had worked in our hearts.

No Matter What!

Bitter things made sweet. During a really challenging time, the Lord kept bringing me back to one particular psalm. It started out with just two verses–Psalm 104:27,28. I remember meditating on them day after day. If you were to have talked with me, you may have thought I needed to move on and study other passages. But that’s not always how it works. Sometimes you have to go deep before you can go wide.

Eventually when the Lord had cemented the truth into my mind and solidified them in my emotions, I did expand my exploration to the psalm as a whole, to get the context, and then on to other passages that correlated (fit together).

I never really intended this study to become a devotional. It seemed too personal.

But then I kept running into people that seemed to be hungry for the same feast our great God had set before me. How could I deny others the meat their souls longed for when it’s sitting right there on the plate in front of me? I couldn’t. God wouldn’t let me. And whereas it still amazes me how the Lord can use me and my pen, I know that in reality it’s His Words that are changing people.

This Word of God (Psalm 104) has changed my life and my attitude about Who God is and what He does, and because that is true, I know that He can use it to change others too. I hope as you study through Psalm 104 with me that first you’ll see the greatness of our God and then you’ll see your part in His awesome plan…that “No Matter What…you can rejoice”! And as the psalmist says, May our meditation be SWEET!