One of the things that really has stood out to me as I've been reading through Job this time is the theme of hope.

Through everything he endured (not just the losses but also the condemning "counsel" or criticism of "friends"), Job clung to his belief/faith in God.

"Though He slay me, yet I will hope in Him!" (Job 13:15, NIV).

He could not comprehend, and yet his hope in God remained firm throughout. There's a song, "When God is Silent," that preaches, "When God is silent...then it's time to trust, yes, it's time to remember that our God is faithful to His own..."

We can cling to Who He is, even when we can't figure out why the One Who controls everything isn't stepping in to change the hard things going on in my life right now. He knows what's best. Is my Hope stayed on Him?

I hope that as you see me and as the Lord continues to challenge my faith in Him and as trials come that you will see this character strength of a hope that clings to God in me and that as I observe you in your walk with Him that I will see that quality too. If we can't hope in God, what else do we have?

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