Happy Reformation Day!

Martin Luther, like each of us, had his strengths and his weaknesses, his struggles and his successes (though many would not have seemed notable successes at the time). It was on this day in 1517 that he nailed up his 95 Theses, a systematic taking-down of the damning doctrines being taught by the Catholic church in his day. (Note, "damning" may sound strong/harsh, but I speak the truth in love, for any teaching that deceives a person into thinking that he/she is in right standing with the God into whose hands it is a fearful thing to fall, the God who offers redemption but demands it to be accomplished in the way He provided for, any teaching that deceives that person is condemning that person to an eternity separated from the God who died to save him/her and is therefore a religion of damning doctrine.) Personally, I'm thankful for Luther's courage and his conviction to take a stand for the Truth God communicated in His Holy, Loving Word. For a clear and practical explanation of the historical details and how they affect us today, check out www.gfcto.com/2006/04/martin_luther_and_reformation.php

Happy Reformation Day!

book review: Singleness Redefined

Best book I've ever read on the privilege and joy of God's gift and/or time of singleness. Excellent biblical exposition, insightful illustrations from classical literature from St Augustine and John Milton to C.S. Lewis, George MacDonald, and J.R.R. Tolkien, and many more.
One of my favorite parts is the exposition of Isaiah 54:1 on pages 133-134.
Carolyn includes many honest personal testimonies from her own journey to contentment and enthusiastic service as a single. Yes, she still struggles at times, she admits, but continually hands her life over to the Lord's will, as we all must, no matter what arena of life we're in.
(Website linked to title.)

book review: Christian Storytelling, John Walsh

If you want to improve your communication skills, whether it's to tell stories to your own kids or to make your missionary presentation more captivating, this is a great book full of practical application. Many of the principles and some great examples can be found on John's website: http://www.christianstorytelling.com/ (linked to title). Enjoy!

What to do with all those apples...

Wanna make something really yummy (and naughty)? Okay, I used a regular apple pie recipe... pie dough for a double crust but add pumpkin pie spices to the dough; cook down the apples with spices and then add some flour to keep it thick; meanwhile heat about a cup of oil in a skillet; then roll out the dough (all of it) into like a 8 x 12 shape; put the apple filling inside; it's really yummy if you add some caramel and chocolate; roll up the dough; fry! =) flip; fry; pat dry on paper towels and cover with powdered sugar... Mmm. Goodness!

What God wants me to be... when I grow up...

I was just talking to Micah about what he wanted to be and he said he wasn't sure God knew yet what He would want him to be. I told him I was sure God knew, but that He just hadn't made it clear to him yet. =) When Jordan-Elliot said that when he grew up he wanted to be a cowboy, Micah told him it didn't matter what he "wanted" to do, he needed to do whatever God wanted him to do. But (and I said all that really to say this) then I got to share that when you want to please God, what He wants you to do will end up being something you really like doing too. I shared with him that right now God wants Mommy to be a wife, a mommy, and a teacher. I love all three. I love being Alan's wife, Micah & Jordan-Elliot's mommy, and I really am loving teaching too. "He gives us the desires of our hearts" in more than one way... =)