A perfectly delightful anniversary

7's always kind of revered as a special number. And this year, we celebrated our 7th anniversary! It was definitely special! Alan's mom watched the boys and we took off for the mountains. Ditching our tentative plans to hike Table Rock (which proved a good choice considering the downpour during dinner), we ended up discovering a new favorite in Flat Rock, NC, just a little less than an hour from our home.

Season's Restaurant at Highland Lake (website linked to the title) offered the perfect dining experience. Alan enjoyed the "Grilled Ribeye Served With Whipped Yukon Potato Mash, Onion Worcestershire Reduction and Fresh Vegetable Selections" while I experimented with the "Fresh Local Tomato and Cucumber Chilled Soup with Yogurt Drizzle" followed by the fabulous "Lump Crab and Fried Green Tomato: Napoleon Corn Meal Dusted Fried Green Tomatoes Accompanied by Lump Crab Asiago Cream Drizzled with Parsley Oil."

We split their Triple Chocolate cake, slowly savoring each bite, then tipped the waiter and headed around the corner to the Flat Rock Play House for a delightful enactment of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

The evening's play was "officially" sold out, but they assured us in the Box Office that they'd be able to get us seats by the time the play started. But as I walked over to the Box Office before show time to double check, a man stood there with his wife: "They gave us four tickets, but we only need two. Could you use them?" "Are you sure!? Can we pay you?" "No... You'll be sitting by us, though," he said. "That's fine with us. Thank you so much!"

The play was extremely entertaining, a true delight. And as we drove home, our minds and hearts full, we agreed that the Lord had His hand in the evening and that He must have wanted to encourage our marriage.

It truly was a wonderful night, the perfect way to celebrate our 7th anniversary.

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