Driven by Desperation

I'm finding recently how desperately I need the Word, just more and more. I tried to read extra this summer b/c I know how difficult it can be during the school year, but I'm finding that doesn't cut it.

The more I give out, the hungrier I am. I know what's coming out through me can't be as helpful if I'm not continually restocking my resources.

I'm thankful for the extra opportunities to minister the Word and love other people in a meaningful way, not just because I love living that way and seeing change take place in others' lives, but b/c it pushes me to desperately seek God's face.

I must daily humble myself to stop the business that deceives me into thinking that I'm so important. I must instead set aside myself and sit at my Savior's feet, studying not just to teach someone else, but to know my Lord better. It is daily being washed by His Word, being scrubbed by His Spirit, that purifies my heart and its motivations.

Only then can I be truly effective. Only then can I know true joy and fulfillment.

Lord God, keep me desperate. Give me whatever You know I need to make me more and more hungry for You. I want my life to be a sweet savor to You, and I know that's only possible when I savor Your sweetness. Thank You for intentionally pursuing me and drawing me back to You again and again, closer and closer. Help me to love those around me with that kind of intentional love. Grow us each up in Christ until we all together are the perfect Body for Your Son. Thank You, Father. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Holy Spirit.


book review: Houndsley & Catina

Just found a fabulous new set of children's lit titles by James Howe, illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay.

The Houndsley & Catina series is reminiscent of the beloved adventures of friends like Frog & Toad and Mr Putter & Tabby... Built around the sweet friendship of a cello-playing dog who appreciates the simple things in life and loves to cook and a fashion-conscious cat who wants to be a famous writer but settles for writing really bad poetry, they also include a third friend, Bert, who is a bird and subsequently loves worms and wishes Houndsley would cook with them.

The words are lyrically beautiful; the watercolor illustrations, simply charming. Useful for encouraging your child to enjoy listening to the sounds of well-chosen words strung together, these books are also excellent for engaging your child in discussions about the essence of friendship. A treat for the child as well as the parent!

There are four titles that I am aware of:

Houndsley and Catina
Houndsley and Catina & the Quiet Time
Houndsley and Catina & the Birthday Surprise
Houndsley and Catina Plink & Plunk

At least three of these titles are available at the Greenville County Public Library.
If they're not at your library, they're worth requesting the library to order.

I hope you'll enjoy them as much as we have... Sincerely, michelle