unique souls

"Aw, he looks just like his brothers!" That's probably the most frequent comment I've heard regarding Mark's appearance this past month, the first month of his life. I don't even think Micah and Jordan-Elliot look alike...

...except when they're sleeping. And it finally hit me: when their eyes are shut, they do all look very much alike. But when their eyes are open, they are their own unique individuals.

The eyes, they say, are the windows to the soul. And the truth is each of my boys is a unique soul, a one-of-a-kind creation with a one-of-a-kind purpose to fulfill in this world. When their eyes are shut, all you can see if the physical, which is most likely what others are noticing: the physical similarities. But when their eyes are open, their spirit shines through, and as their Mom, I see their uniqueness far more than their similarity.

It shouldn't surprise me. "I am fearfully and wonderfully made." In studying that verse this past year for a seminar, I came across these interesting facts about the specific words in their original Hebrew language that we translate fearfully and wonderfully. "Fearfully" is a word that is used only of a work of God, a divine creation. And "wonderfully" literally means "unique or one-of-a-kind."

And with these concepts in mind, it is only appropriate that the determined response to knowing this is: "I will praise You!"

I look at Mark and marvel. And the responsibility of being entrusted to nurture another soul humbles me and urges me back to the Creator of souls Who also longs to be each soul's Redeemer.

"May the Lord Find Us Faithful!"

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