book review: babu's song

The church I attended during college had a monthly Ladies' Missionary Prayer Group at which there was a key note speaker followed by breakout prayer groups and fellowship. I thoroughly enjoyed this one special night a month, getting away from university studies.

One of the treasures I always took away was a book checked out from their collected library of missions related biographies--like My Heart in His Hands about Ann Judson--great for Sunday afternoon reading. But I also loved checking out their collection of children's books, mostly with a missionary emphasis, but also some non-religious titles like Jambo Means Hello with a country-culture-language emphasis.

I don't remember seeing this title (Babu's Song) there, but was delighted to find it at our local library, and would love to add it to my own children's lit library soon (as I've done with Jambo Means Hello). And I think it would be a fabulous addition to any church's missionary library for children.

Babu's Song has so many jumping off points to discuss making wise decisions, loving others sacrificially, working hard, living without a lot of things, being creative and content, etc. It's actually in several curricula for second graders and thus has book link vocabulary, spelling and writing activities available online, like this one created by Sandy Fiorni.

Babu's Song connected with my boys because of its protaganist's love for soccer, his relationship with his grandpa, and because eventually we'd love to live in Africa (if the Lord wills, obviously).

For now, I hope you enjoy this thoughtful read (along with the delightful watercolor illustrations) as much as we did.

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