proverbs time

I have been spending a lot of time in Proverbs since Mark was born, primarily because even if I can only squeeze a few minutes here and there I still get pithy and applicable truths to meditate on.

The breakthrough recently has been then turning around and having pithy applicational truth talks with my older boys. We call it "Proverbs Time." And I'm finding that, especially if we have these talks regularly during non-confrontational times, when confrontations arise (and it's not like they won't between a five and seven year old, so when they do), we can point back to a proverb we've recently discussed, and they have the pivotal truth they need to turn (repent) from foolishness and/or evil to wisdom and righteousness.

Honestly, it's helpful for me too, because it means I'm thinking and applying the Scripture more frequently too and I'm using Scripture in my child training. I love God's Word: it is so powerful and promotes peace in our lives. Thank You, God.

It is my hope to blog on specific proverbs that we discuss as a hopeful tool for you as you work with children God has placed in your sphere of influence.

Looking forward,

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