when hail hits the peaches

My heart truly does go out to the peach farmers whose groves were damaged by hail. At the same time, I'm thankful for their resourcefulness in still selling these hail-spotted peaches at their local farmers' markets for reduced prices. Last Friday, I hand-picked some of the lesser damaged peaches from a basket at our market on Rutherford Road and paid just forty cents per pound. (Praise the Lord!)

Alan's work schedule has changed (once again) as the seminary semester starts up this week (only two classes left before the dissertation!). And so, for this one morning before classes start, he was able to take the boys to school for me and come home for a date breakfast.

The menu was fairly simple: eggs, sausage (for my protein man) seasoned with this amazing "sweet and spicy rub" that my sister introduced me to, and homemade lattes (because we like a little coffee and a latte milk/almondmilk, and because it just sounds fancier).

But then I wanted to round out the meal with some fruit.

The peaches I picked up on Friday were just ripe! And I had the following on hand, which combined made for the perfect finale to our breakfast date:

Plain Greek Yogurt (I prefer Cabot's)
Sliced Peaches (hail-damaged or not, as long as they're fresh!)
Pickled Ginger (like you'd usually serve atop your favorite sushi)
Ground Nutmeg

Delicious!!! You've got to try this!!

"We should do date breakfasts more often," Alan smiled.
Yes, we should!

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