Proverbs 2

When I read it silently, I still hear this 2nd chapter of Proverbs in an Australian accent. On that Aussie mission team I mentioned in my last post, we got to spend a couple of weeks at a Christian camp counseling young people. The memory passage for the week was this one: Proverbs 2. And I still remember sitting on a rock wall, listening to that better-than-Brit accent say "ev-ry good pauth" (verse 9). It messes it up when I try to say it out loud. Like with the store keeper who told my American friend attempting the Aussie accent, "Keep practicin', mate," mine is obviously not authentic. They say we are too particular with our pronounciations. Ah well. They also say "snickerdoodles" are what doggies leave in the yard, rather than a "cinnamon sugar 'biscuit'" (cookie). But that's not really what this post is even about.

Proverbs Time with your kids. Chapter 2.

Who doesn't love a treasure hunt? I'll never forget this past Mother's Day when my seven year old made up a series of clues I had to figure out to find my little potted morning glory. It was precious.

The word "treasure" (verse 1) and the simile "seek it like silver and search for it as for hidden treasures" (verse 4) are priceless pictures.

God has wisdom just "stored up" (verse 7), and He's promised to protect us on our quest ("He is a shield ... guarding ... watching over," verses 7 & 8).

So, we're goin' on a treasure hunt. We get to search for "hidden" treasures.

Allen Arnold hit it on the head in his recent article on Leadership: "I lead others best when I follow Jesus first." As moms or aunts or classroom teachers or girl scout troop leaders or ... whatever role(s) God's given  us, if we want our kids to seek for the wisdom treasures God has stored up for them, we first must seek for the treasures He has stored up for us.

Is there anything sweeter than a child pulling open his Bible before he can even truly read simply because he's following mommy or daddy's example? Have my kids seen me on my treasure hunt, digging for wisdom, devoting myself to the fear of the Lord, raising my voice ... not at them, but ... to the Lord begging for understanding? 

And then, do I take that next step and teach them how to dig into the Word? These Proverb talks are a great place to start.

Extra: Pirate Treasure Hunt Tips and (my favorite part) a photo of pirate face cupcakes! Great for SS party or birthday treat for that special kiddo.

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