the month of October

I have finally come to grips with the reality that as a woman, I cannot actually multi-task very well. I'm a little too OCD for that. This past month, working on my query letter and continuing revisions for my middle grade novel took a pause, as did blogging. My sincerest apologies. A post on Proverbs 3 is in the works.

But, as a voice speaking wisdom has been quoted to say, "The starts and stops are both ordered by the Lord." Pauses give time for the mind to mull things over and spice things up ... even subconciously perhaps ... so that hopefully the finished product is like a fine apple cider with peach flavoring and mulling spices. Which brings me to the source of my God-ordained pause.

This past month, as an answer to prayer and a divinely-ordained, fun way to provide for our boys' Christian education, I was able to write product descriptions for Live Oak Farms in Woodruff, SC. Taste testing is always the best way to describe, and, yes, that got to be part of the job. But I also enjoyed researching online to discover the unique qualities from the various producers.

Some of my favorites? Numi Tea, McCutcheon's Juice Sweetened Pumpkin Butter and Peach Cider, Uncle Scott's Rootbeer, and Live Oak Farms' Black Olive Marinara Sauce, Cheeses, and Goats' Milk Fudge.

Check it out. Shop online, or go take a horse-drawn tour. Let me know your favorite products. Or, just let me know how October went for you. What God-ordained pauses did you enjoy or see benefit from?

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