kind provision

As I sorted through the produce on the "50 cents per pound" table at our local farmer's market, the Spirit reminded me of God's kindness. In the law, He ordained that farmers not harvest all the way up to the corners with His kind intention being that the poor could glean some good. Boaz's kindness to Ruth, instructing his harvesters to leave anything they dropped for her to pick up, came to mind as well. And I felt a connectivity to those in generations long past because of our Ever Present God. The fact is, God never changes. He is kind. He is gracious. He looks out for the poor and provides for those who honor Him. It was a moment, a whisper, but it spoke volumes of encouragement to my heart. Some would say we're poor. I don't think of it in those terms. My Father is rich, and He gives me everything I need. And I'm thankful when His Spirit witnesses to my spirit that I am His, and He is looking out for me.

Trusting you are seeing God's sweet acts of kindness in providing for your family as well. Grace to you, my friends, whatever your circumstance today. With love, michelle

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