DC NY road trip 2012: East Hampton celebration photo shoot, complete with swan

Someone really ought to write a modern day parody on Pride and Prejudice and set it in East Hampton. Someone else said it, but what gorgeous "Pride and Prejudice" backdrops! The real photographers took more at a couple other locations, but here's our little collection:

The beautiful bride, my sister!

I am his, and he is mine.

Check out the ugly duckling turned amazing swan. (And, no, this is not a slam on my brother--he was an adorable little boy! There's really a swan in the background, and I love how all the groomsmen are looking at the swan in this photo.) But I've also always loved "The Ugly Duckling" stories too. Just a reminder to never give up. Each of us has a story. There are often ironic twists and fabulous surprises along the way. Never, never give up.

My parents & siblings--including the new sister! Dad was (is) the Best Man!
Our family. I have a feeling you'll be seeing this picture more, like in the side bar of the blog and definitely framed in our home. 

"Ah, come on, you two." (Which two depends on who's commenting.)

All dressed up...but still having fun!

Their true selves coming out.

And because it's just fun to take jumping pictures. 

Timing is so tricky, but you do have to jump. 

Let's try that again.

1, 2, 3...

Jump! =) 

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