DC NY road trip 2012: random kid pix, the road home

As I read the maps and Alan navigated the streets, we handed the camera back to the boys, effectively keeping them occupied from the parking garage and all the way through the Holland Tunnel. You can imagine some of the shots, but several turned out very nice. 

Here's Micah & Jordan Elliot's debut photo gallery, a glimpse into their perspective on the city:
I {HEART} NY! Photo by JEG.

The Fire Hydrant. Photo by MAG.

Driving Directions. Photo by MAG.

Helicopter Landing. Photo by MAG.

Veterans Plaza. After having spent time at the Vietnam Memorial Wall in the National Mall in DC, this smaller memorial in NYC connected the two premier American cities and brought home even further the level of sacrifice given by our veterans and their families. The bodies of multiple poignant letters were graven on a wall here, and tears spilled down my cheeks as I read.  Photo by MAG.

1486. Photo by MAG.

One Way. Photo by JEG.

City Trees. Photo by MAG.

Vitamin H2O. Photo (obviously) by MAG.

Micah. Photo (obviously) by JEG.

Baby Bro. Photo by JEG.

Fire Breathing Dragon. Photo by MAG.

City Trekker. Photo by MAG.

Old Building with Arched Door. Photo by JEG.

Entrance to an Underwater Tunnel. Photo by MAG.
 And a little glimpse into Mark's perspective of road-tripping:

The boys ended up sleeping through the night as we made our way through state after state. We would have loved to have stopped by Gettysburg, but will have to save that for a future road trip. As it was, with our adventure in NYC, we arrived home at 7 the next morning, just in time for the boys to freshen up and go to school, so that parents could catch a few winks. They say it takes a full month for your body to catch up on one night of missed sleep. That means we should be back to normal fairly soon--whatever normal is. 

Trust you've enjoyed the journey. Blessing as you continue your journeys this week.

Grace and peace, with love, 

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