DC NY road trip 2012: Staten Island and the Statue

After realizing how long Long Island really is, and submitting to several other means of providential suggestion (one being me breaking my toe--not smart the day before you're planning to wear higher-than-normal heels), we all agreed take an afternoon chill to Sag Harbor instead of driving all the way back to NYC. 

But we all really wanted to see a certain little Lady--Liberty, by name--since we'd come so far & were so close. We all agreed it was worth a delayed arrival time back home and decided it would be worth it to swing through the city and grab a ferry-view of the Statue of Liberty. And the route ended up working perfectly. 

Entering Brooklyn. As you can tell, I was having fun playing with angles.


Loving the wind.

Wrinkled nose.

Family photo on the Staten Island Ferry.

Between their heads, if you look closely, you can see the Statue.
Right there!

We would've needed to purchase Ellis Island tickets online a few days ahead, but Staten Island Ferry is free & sufficiently satiated our hunger for one more serving of historical landmark sightings.

She makes the island look so small.
Tears fog my view as I imagine my own Great-grandfather Gonsowski see her for the first time. Imagine being twelve, emigrating from Poland. After the forever-long boat ride, imagine being welcome by this Lady, hope crowding out mere dreams. Someday I intend to go back, take the Ellis Island Ferry, and then just sit and write his story. 

Startling blues.


This one's for posterity. One of my memories of childhood vacations was Dad taking macros of creation. I remember him teaching me what that little flower button on the camera did. I remember one gorgeous shot from a vacation in Canada of tall stems of purple flowers (even if I can't remember the name of the plant). Dad and Mom both claimed it, and years later neither has ever given in, though for whatever reason I've always tended to give Dad the credit. (Sorry, Mom.) And so I just couldn't resist a vacation macro of this purple alium in full bloom right there in Brooklyn.

Having captured a glimpse of beauty with that purple alium, I was attempting to contrast it with a shot of a street sweeper, a pigeon, and a sewer manhole. Sadly, I didn't snap fast enough. The pigeon didn't hold still and the street sweeper either caught my mental drift or thought he was in the way of my photo. And, actually, to the street sweeper's credit, the street was cleaner than I would've guessed.

Alan catered to my craving for a NYC Asian entree, and I absolutely loved my curry chicken dish & fresh, unfiltered ginger ale from this OBAO street corner restaurant.

Right outside the restaurant, this rocket sculpture was our cue to blast off.

One last look...

...and they're off!

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