DC NY road trip 2012: the wedding ceremony

"Marriage is what brings us together today" and what brought us all the way to the Hamptons of Long Island, NY. The wedding took place at Lissa's home church, Living Water Church, in Wainscott, NY. It was quite a privilege for Jordan Elliot & Micah to be part of the wedding party. Here's a fun photo blog of the wedding:
Jordan Lee Gons, the groom, my brother
with Jordan Elliot, the ring bearer, the nephew, my little man

When I look at this picture, there's this unbeckoned flash-forward of Alan fixing his tie for a future wedding. Micah served as the Bible Boy, carrying in the English-Spanish side-by-side that I and two other friends of Jordan's read poignant Scriptures from during the service, the Bible that is now Jordan & Lissa Gons's family Bible.

Sarah, maid of honor, waiting her entrance, smiling back at the bride; and the two beautiful little flower girls eager to  see what's going on.
Look how she looks at him--endearment and respect, yes, truly love.
Lissa, you were a beautiful bride because you are a beautiful woman.
Congratulations, Jordan. God has given you a very, very good gift!
Thanks, Jennie, for capturing this moment in a beautiful black & white!

One of the symbolic traditions Jordan & Lissa incorporated into their ceremony was the pouring of two individual jars of holding sand into one larger jar. 

"Hey, we're outta here." So maybe that's not what he actually said, but you know he was thinking it.

Happy to have the wedding as something they can look back on. Now husband & wife!
Father of the groom & mother of the bride making sure it's official. 

My cousin, Anna, down from Maine, holding Mark.

Little ladies and gentlemen...

Enough playing gentleman with the little ladies. Can I please play Angry Birds!? To his delight, one of the bridesmaid willingly donated her iphone to the keep-little-boys-entertained foundation.

Very proud of Micah who was, on his own, without being asked, a big helper opening doors for guests, welcoming them, and (here) holding baby Mark.

Thank you, Jordan & Lissa, for including us all in your big day! We love you so much!!

My man & our 3 little men.

The flower girls' adorable little sister.

David & Marett

Jordan with long-time friend Cyrus and Lissa's brother

The wedding party

Baby on the runway--TOO CUTE--so happy with one sock off; the other, no doubt, soon to follow.

(You do realize this could be us in ten years, right?)

And one of my favorite shots before heading out to the heart of East Hampton for a fun "Pride & Prejudice" styled photo shoot before the reception.

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