Christian resources for Ramadan

Just below "21 Friday" in my Family Planner is marked "Beginning of Ramadan." I don't mind that it's written there. It's a reminder to pray. And it's been on my heart again recently to pray more fervently for our Muslim neighbors. As today starts these days set aside by Muslims for prayer and fasting (and subsequent feasting) known as Ramadan, it seems an appropriate day to encourage one another to pray for the salvation of Muslims around the world as well as in our own country and even our own neighborhoods. And then to engage them in gospel conversations, for their salvation and the glory of God. 

I read Woman to Woman: Sharing Jesus with a Muslim Friend a couple of years ago now. It was on the stack of books to be reviewed in our campus store, and it got my attention.  It's now available for kindle too. You can read my review here, but I definitely plan to read through it again over the next 30 days. 

Another downloadable resource that has been brought to my attention during this present season is from They publish a 30 day prayer guide for Christians wanting to learn more about Islam as well as to pray for Muslims during their Ramadan. They also have a kids' version which I would probably be more likely to go with. Just personally. You know you go for kids' versions too. =) These do have a minimal cost. But there are also more resources available at

And then, Bob Rutledge, over at GFA Missions, has compiled a fabulous collection of resources for engaging our Muslim neighbors in gospel conversations, "equipping Christians to evangelize Muslims." You'll find pamphlets, tracts, books, even a DVD. 

Let's make it a matter of prayer that God would save our currently Muslim neighbors, that we would have boldness and much fruit in this plentiful harvest.

Redeem Ramadan.

For the glory of God, 


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