one word: righteousness

My one word

It's a book and a DVD series. But more, it's a concept that's catching. 

And it's simple: pick one word for you for this year. One focus. One ambition. One goal. Rather than writing a lofty list of resolutions, select carefully one word

Ann Voskamp, author of One Thousand Gifts, chose "{with} in" for 2013, studying what it means to not only be with Christ but "in Christ" and Christ "in me." 

For me, it wasn't intentional--the one word thing. What was intentional was obedience to the Spirit goading me toward more consistent time in the Word. I started again with Psalms. 

Instead of looking to understand every nuance or to delve deeply into the minutae, I limited myself to 3-5 words to incapsulate each psalm. 

God started bringing out concepts, and by the fourth psalm, I was already seeing a lot about "righteousness." 

Then on Sunday, the Spirit synchronized two other passages to what He'd already been highlighting in my Psalms reading. A teacher taught, mentioned the verses, but made other points, while the Spirit whispered, "There it is again. That word. Look again!" 

Matthew 6:33, that familiar, singable verse: "Seek ye first the kingdom of God ... " and there it was, bolder than I'd seen it before ... "and His righteousness...." Jesus commanded that I set my priority on seeking, studying out righteousness.

Then over to Hebrews 5:14 talking about the one that should be spiritually at a point of being a teacher but is instead back to needing the basics retaught to him ... or her. The one who "lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness." 

And my one word resolve became obvious. 


His righteousness, first! What righteousness is, what it looks like fleshed out. And that great exchange, by His gracious choice and just accounting--His righteousness imputed to my account. My righteousness--filthy stinking rags; yet Jesus' perfect righteousness made mine.  

Righteousness. My one word. 2013.

I have a lot of really great stuff to think on, to study. Yes, I have a lot to learn. 


new recipe for a new year: curry tilapia and rice with golden raisins

We've all heard of fish and chips, right?! Well, this fun new twist on a simple favorite family dish gives a whole new, very American meaning to "fish and chips!"

While I was busy getting the rice on to boil and thawing the tilapia fillets, Mark (nineteen months) decided to pull out a pot from under the stove. He then proceeded to dump the last third of a recent BOGO splurge bag of dill pickle chips into the pot and start munching away.

I decided to go curry, using a favorite blend of spices from Fresh Market. So, I sprinkled some curry from the pouch into the rice as well as onto the fish.

To the rice, I also added some Herbox chicken bouillon and seasoning, and later some Sunmaid's golden raisins at the very end of the cooking, until just plump.

But to the fish, I added a pad of butter and then--deciding to take Mark's culinary hint--I crumbled up those dill pickle chips on top of the fish. Kudoos, little man. I'm sure you could use salt and vinegar chips instead. ;)

Well, you win some, you lose some. Apparently, Jordan's not so hot on curry or fish at the moment. He decided to put his fish back in the water--literally. Seven-year-old that he is, he scooped up the fish and set it to sink in his glass of water. "What? Fish are supposed to go in water!" he argued. "Dead fish can't swim, buddy. And you must be a gentleman at the table." He ate a few bites, for me. And I gave him a fresh cup of water, sans curry and soggy chips.

But the rest of us, including my mini culinarian, ate every bite quite happily. Served with asparagus (which Jordan did love) and some other cooked veggies, this meal is one I will repeat. Sorry, Jordan.

Happy New Year!! And happy new recipe!

What's your favorite curry dish? Share a recipe link in the comments below. I'd love to hear!

Grace and peace,