silence...makes the next words more important

In public speaking, it's a dramatic pause. In the blogosphere, it's often considered unacceptable. And yet, it's life pausing the stream of words. And it's okay... and often intentional. After all, even God was silent for four hundred years between the testaments. And then came the wonderful Word--the birth announcement of the Word made flesh!

Part of me wants to apologize for the pause. But I know you totally understand... I also know you won't be disappointed... for my pause, too, ends with an announcement of an upcoming birth. And it's a ... (dramatic pause) ... GIRL!!! 

It was such fun taking huge cupcakes with PINK icing to the boys at school after the ultrasound to reveal the gender of their new sibling. 

My oldest (of three boys) is jumping-up-and-down thrilled! The next owes me dinner--he lost his bet--though I won't hold him to it. And the youngest just likes saying "baby" and kissing my belly: he really has no clue what this is going to mean for him. (Of course, neither do I. As one friend quipped, "Welcome to a whole new world.")

After three boys, this facebook post has claimed the greatest number of hits in the history of my account ... and still climbing. We "like" this news a lot too. 

So, you'll forgive me for my blogging pause?

Thanks, dear one. 

Grace multiplied to you, too,


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