a personal hiatus

Sometimes it's just as my mind is fully engaged in conjuring up more business (perhaps better busy-ness) for myself, figuring out more ways to do and create and supplement, something almost ironic happens: either by His Spirit or one of His servants (often both), God says, "Slow down. Focus on Me." 

My last post was the beginning of this. Since then, God has reiterated His message to me, His work of pruning for this season. And I am in the midst of simplifying, decluttering. Not stuff so much this time, but activities. Not because these things are bad, but because I am sensing very clearly by His Spirit (and having it confirmed by my "multitude of counselors") that right now this is what God wants for me. This is what is good for this time. 

I've just had a baby. We have three growing boys. And my husband is working on his dissertation for a PhD in New Testament Interpretation. Pause. Wouldn't those three sentences giving most thinking women pause? Maybe, if they're not type A over-goalers. 

Now, for some of you, the season is to create--to write, to paint, to compose. This is not a do-as-I-do. This is not something I think everyone must do to be spiritual, even if your life circumstances were to mirror mine stated above. This is a personal decision between me and God and my family. 

I do still plan to write. But it's going to take the voice and hand of God to speak and move for those things to be published. For now, my writing will be in journals and the margins of books. And I do still plan to tutor/substitute for those that I'm currently contracted with, for as long as the Lord allows. 

I do not know how long this hiatus will last. Tentatively, until Alan finishes his dissertation. That seems like a reasonable expectation. But I don't know what God will do during this time, and yet I am sincerely looking forward to this time of investing in my relationship with Him and with my family in a more intentional and focused way. 

All that to say, I don't plan to be blogging during this personal hiatus. 

At the same time, I still love those of you who read and care about what I write. And I want you to know that I am still available to you on a personal level. You can reach me by email. (Not everything can be eliminated. I am not going monk on you.) 

So feel free to drop a line or send a question to me at this address: michelle AT vineandshoots.com.

Until we meet again, keep growing and know that I wish you 
grace and peace,
with so much love, 


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