"i'm gonna [write] when the Spirit says [write]..."

"Sometimes I just don't know what I'm supposed to do. Am I supposed to get involved? Am I supposed to talk to that person? Am I supposed to just pray?" I poured out the questions as a sister-in-Christ and I shared burdens. 

"I know." She had recently asked the same questions of her husband, a deacon, who gave her this counsel: 

"All I know is we need to be listening for the Spirit, and when He speaks, we need to obey. Immediately."

Now that we've crossed the three month mark with baby, I feel like I'm beginning to re-approach humanhood. A little more sleep, a little longer stretches between feedings ... And one of the ways I know I'm doing a little better is when I start singing. If it's been a long time since I burst into spontaneous song ... 

and I don't mean our rendition of Richard Simmon's Sweatin' to the Oldies: "It's my [diaper] and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, cry if I want to. You would cry, too, if it happened to you." Though I sing that one frequently to get us through the part of parenting that literally stinks. It puts a smile on me and my kids' faces. 

But I mean really singing. Songs of prayer and petition. Songs of praise and thanksgiving. Communion with God from my heart. 

Today, following the above mentioned song, a spiritual came to mind ... and we had fun with it. 

"I'm gonna sing when the Spirit says, 'Sing!' ... and obey the Spirit of the LORD."

Well, "I'm gonna sing" progressed to 

"I'm gonna pray ... 


"I'm gonna write when the Spirit says, 'Write.'"

And recently, I've been hearing that whisper more and more. 

So, the hiatus didn't last as long as I thought it might. 

And I'm still not promising more than this, 

"I'm gonna write when the Spirit says, 'Write!' ... and obey the Spirit of the LORD!"

Sometimes that writing will be here. Sometimes elsewhere. 

Sometimes it'll published with the click of a button. 

Other times, it may be a while ... or never.

But this much I resolve, 

To obey the Spirit of the LORD.

I appreciate your prayers for grace and obedience. 

Grace and peace with love to you, 


What has the Spirit been telling you recently? Are you obeying?

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