diet of bookworms

What books do you recommend? What genres do you like? What kinds of books are your favorites? What do you think about fiction vs. nonfiction?  

I get these questions -- a lot. So I thought it might be a good idea just to put down some thoughts here. 
"Eating and reading are two pleasures that combine admirably." - C. S. Lewis
Reading is nourishment, the way I see it. You take it in and it affects your growth. 

Above all, we need to be taking in the Word of God. Like water, it's basic to living. I need this. In fact, I can't live without it. It's wonderful and powerful -- and unlike any other book. Definitely in a category all its own and worth taking in every day!

Beyond reading the Bible, I like to encourage people to look at their reading as a literary diet. Just like with healthful eating, it's important to have balance and proportion. 

I tend to treat fiction like the fats and sweets of a healthy diet. And I tend to encourage towards the literary fiction, which is kind of the dark chocolate and coconut oil of the literary food chart. 

I view the classics as fruits. They've earned their reputation. And though sweet, their time-honored value merits approved-treat status. 

Historical narratives are my veggies. Good for us, and helpful to understanding history.

For me, general nonfiction correlates to grains. Knowledge is power. But knowledge also puffs up. So it's important to choose wisely which grains you're consuming. 

And religious nonfiction is my protein. In my eating, I tend to bulk up on protein. And in my reading, I tend to crave this category as well. Obviously not all proteins are created equal, and in this category (as other categories), discernment is crucial. 

I love reading books that help me understand God, His Word, and His created world (including the intricacies of what it means to be human). And I take in each of these categories with that goal in mind. 

You'll find lots of reading reviews on this blog. And I only write about what I recommend. 

If you have questions about specific books or categories, please leave a comment below, and I'd be happy to respond. 

As a note, you do have to find the balance that works for you. Just like some people do best with a ketogenic diet that's high in fat, then protein, and low in carbs, I'm not recommending a right or wrong percentage here. What I am promoting is balance. And no matter what diet you're on, drinking water is non-negotiable. So stay in the Word.  

Also, like the fine print at the bottom of the food plate diagram, it's good to remember: reading is important. But we don't need to be gluttons. In order to be healthy, we also need to be outside, working and getting exercise. We need to keep up with our personal responsibilities, etc., too. Take in. And then go and do! 

What's your balance? What works well for you? 

Multiplied grace and peace, 


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