welcome, baby! my go-to breakfast bag for new moms

Welcoming another human into your home is a big deal. And it's one to celebrate and support. Providing a meal is a timeless communication of love and encouragement.

Over the years, I've had the privilege of listening to women who are given to hospitality offer advice, and it's usually been: "Find a meal that you enjoy making, and make that."

I've also had five pregnancies, including two v. deliveries (one five days late, one induced five days early), one miscarriage followed by a D&C, an emergency C-section, and a planned C-section. Gotta love each kid being unique.

And I know what I craved when I came home each time - anything fresh!! - which is why there is always fresh fruit in my basket.

Supper meals are awesome for new moms too. But I love breakfast (and there's no rule against breakfast for supper)! So here's what has become my go-to new-mom breakfast bag: 

* Bacon - I roll up half strips of bacon and bake at 400F. In case of spice sensitivies or just preference, I've started making one half pound plain. But the other half pound, I make "sweet and sassy" with sprinklings of brown sugar and Trader Joe's garlic, 21 seasoning salute, and a little extra thyme. (If I don't have the 21 seasoning salute, I use a combination of onion powder, pepper, a pinch of cayenne, and Italian seasoning.) My mom got me started on the evolution of this treat! Here's the before baking photo:

* Hard-boiled eggs - a fast protein pick-up. I include a small ziplock with parmesan and a little parsley, which I personally prefer to just salt and pepper on my hb eggs. I put the parm-parsley pouch inside the larger ziplock bag so it's obvious they go together but so the parmesan doesn't get soggy. 

* Scones - I use All Recipes' Scottish Oat Scones which I add pumpkin pie spices to and call Spiced Oatmeal Raisin Scones and/or King Arthur Flour's Chocolate Chip Scones. I like baking in a sprayed pie plate and scoring the scones into 8 before baking. 

* Hot tea and heavy whipping cream - because tea goes with scones and because the whipping cream can either be used with tea (or coffee) or on top of the scones.

* Fresh fruit - blackberries and strawberries are my favorite, but grapefruit and blueberries have certainly found their way into the bag from time to time. 

* A pack of paper plates. Because all of these items could arguably be finger food and there is no need for a new mom to do dishes, I include these in my basket!

The bacon gets wrapped in foil for easy reheating, and everything goes in ziplocks

I deliver the night before so that no matter what time mom wakes up, she (and her family) have this to enjoy. She may even decide to have a chocolate chip scone for a middle of the night nursing snack. Perfect!

Obviously this is a care package that can be gifted beyond new moms. Who doesn't love bacon!? 

But this is one of those extra special things that I seriously get so much joy out of putting together - especially to help celebrate and support a family as they welcome their new bundle. 

And I would be happy for you to borrow this meal plan as you join me in 
multiplying grace and peace,

I'd also love to hear - what's in your go-to basket? Share in the comments below: