matthew henry on psalm 128.3

"Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house; your children will be like olive shoots around your table." psalm 128.3, esv

The wife...not only as a spreading vine which serves for an ornament, but as a fruitful vine which is for profit.... The vine is a weak and tender plant, and needs to be supported and cherished, but it is a very valuable plant.... The wife’s place the sides of the house, not under-foot to be trampled on, nor yet upon the house-top to domineer..., but on the side of the house, being a rib out of the side of the man. She shall be a loving wife, as the vine, which cleaves to the house-side, an obedient wife, as the vine, which is pliable, and grows as it is directed. She shall be a fruitful vine, not only in children, but in the fruits of wisdom, and righteousness, and good management....

The children shall be as olive plants...though wild by nature, yet grafted into the good olive, and partaking of its root and fatness...straight and green, sucking in the sap of their good education, and likely in due time to be serviceable.” —Matthew Henry

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