Jeremiah: Prophet of the Heart

Why is Jeremiah always referred to as the "weeping prophet"? I know he wrote Lamentations, but in reading the prophecies God spoke to and through Jeremiah in the book named after him, I am convinced a better nickname would be the "prophet of the heart."

Next time you read through the book of Jeremiah, circle the word heart. You'll see an incredible emphasis--a revelation of God's heart, a transparent heart on the part of Jeremiah, and a concern for the heart of the people God and Jeremiah are addressing.

As I was talking about this idea with my husband who is currently studying Hebrew and has been working on a sermon about Jeremiah using the original language, it was fascinating to me that his conclusion was the same.

This realization has made this Old Testament prophetic book so precious to my heart, so real for my faith in this God Whose emphasis is the heart and Who takes the time to communicate from His heart to His people's hearts.

Thank You, LORD!

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