So what's next... CHANGE?

Yes, and no. Obviously, certain things--even major things--will undoubtedly change as our country progresses toward liberalism, but One will NOT change: Our God is still on the throne. He rules over Heaven and Earth. Our hope is not in a man. It never has been. Our Hope is in GOD alone. I've been repeatedly reminded of this Truth as I've been reading through Jeremiah recently. Jeremiah was a prophet who lived in times not unlike our own. The people embraced iniquity.

They exalted idols, and (allow me take a little tangent here) though "all our gods have been domesticated, tame" (to quote a song we sing at church), the "idols" are still "like scarecrows in a cucumber field" (Jeremiah 10:5, esv). I read that the other night and thought Cool phrase! (Sorry, that's the writer in me) and then as I thought about it more, I thought, What use is a scarecrow in a cucumber patch. It's not the crows that are the threat. It's the little bugs on the ground that march unaffected by some stuffed fleece and straw hat, and it's the immense heat of the sun. Our "idols" can do nothing to ward off those things that threaten our growth. But God can.

And back to that, "The LORD is the true God; He is the living God and the Everlasting King. At His wrath the earth quakes, and the nations cannot endure His indignation" (Jeremiah 10:10, esv). "O LORD our God... We set our hope on You for You do all these things!" (Jeremiah 14:22, esv).

So, no matter what "change" we see take place in America over the next four years, keep always in mind that God is still on the throne. Sometimes He gives people what they beg for and sends leanness to their souls. America needs change, that's for sure. But what we need is a revival. Let's guard our hearts and be ever diligent in our fight for Truth, always keeping our hope firmly set on the Everlasting King.

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