book review: Woman to Woman: Sharing Jesus with a Muslim Friend

We met in a shoe store. The woman was wearing the customary clothing that identified her as Muslim, and she had her young son with her. We started talking casually, and I told my boys that these people are the ones who speak Arabic, like we're learning.

You see, for Christmas a couple of years ago, my husband and I bought a family gift: Rosetta Stone for Arabic. It's as much a game as anything, matching pictures with Arabic words. I love the calligraphic way their letters are shaped. I love the sound of the words. And more and more, I love the people who speak this language.
In the shoe store that day, my boys were thrilled to practice their pronunciation of a few of their favorite Arabic words. The mother and son were apparently pleased. Then, very perceptively, the boy asked, "If they're learning our language, are they going to become Muslim too?"
Door wide open. I was able to share that actually we were trying to learn Arabic so that we could share with Muslim people about who Jesus is and how they could have eternal life in heaven with God forever... but to tell them in their own language so it would be easier to understand.
Our conversation didn't go much further. But I have thought of them often, and my love for their souls has increased over and again.
Over the past couple of weeks, God has been growing in me that love for Muslim women. One of the tools He's used is a fabulously personable read entitled Woman to Woman: Sharing Jesus with a Muslim Friend. In this book, Joy Loewen shares her personal journey from fear (as a child growing up in a predominately Muslim culture) to love (as she and her husband minister in their homeland of Canada to Muslim immigrants). Joy invites us into her life, introducing us to her precious Muslim friends. She identifies specific obstacles as well as points of connection in an attempt to help you and I build relationships with Muslims in our community more effectively. I appreciated Joy's emphasis on the Word of God and her clear teaching regarding Who Jesus is--more than just a Prophet and Healer, He is the Giver of Life and our Savior God.
Last Saturday, I ran to the mall for less than one hour. In that brief window of time, I saw two identifiably Muslim women. I smiled warmly at them and in return received the most beautiful smiles in the world. How I wish we had had a chance to talk, but what I saw was an open receptivity to genuine love.
How often are Muslims in our community steered clear of or worse scorned? When was the last time one of those ladies had received a sincere smile from a Christian in America?
I pray that in the near future the Lord would increase my effectiveness in this corner of His harvest field. The harvest truly is plenteous! It is my heart's desire to go beyond a smile, beyond casual conversation, and to be able to build enduring, fruitful relationships with these dear women and their families.
If you are Muslim and reading this, I would encourage and invite you to read what you call the Injil (the Gospels). There you will discover Who Jesus is and that He came to show you love by facing death for you. He died and rose again to save your soul from hell. Through believing in Him as our Savior and God, we can have our sins forgiven and enjoy eternity in heaven together!
May Jesus Christ be praised!
I love you,

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