DC NY road trip 2012: Jefferson Memorial

As we left the museum area, we made our way along the Tidal Basin of the Potomac River.  I'm currently very into these angled shots, have to remind myself to straighten out the camera once in a while. =) 

There just happened to be a few extra rolls from our lunch stop, for which the kids & geese were mutually thankful. 

Such a beautiful, shady resting spot with the Jefferson Memorial viewable across the water. 

Beautiful! I understand why this is my brother's favorite memorial in the city.

Even this picture, taken lying down at the base of the statue, doesn't fully display its magnificence or enormity.

Jefferson: visionary, architect, musician, scientist, main writer of the Declaration of Independence, George Washington's 1st Secretary of State, founder of a university, Vice President, and later President of the United States of America. I'm thinking Jefferson was one of those right-brain-left-brain kind of guys. The "mind of man" in the background of this photo seemed fitting.

John & Becky, Shawn & Valerie, thank you for a fabulous day trip to D.C.! We love you & your kiddos! If you don't have friends who live nearby, you'll definitely want to study this map. The guys parked our cars at the lot on Ohio Street, which ended up being a very nice location as we went our separate ways at the close of the day. 

And at the end of the day, we came "home" another dear couple's new home just outside D.C. They had lasagna and salad and a lovely dessert waiting for us ... and Nerf guns and two boys and a dog. Can it get any better? So fun to have our kids make friends with our friends' kids. Thanks, Aaron & Sarah! We love you & all that God is doing in your lives!!

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