DC NY road trip 2012: Sag Harbor

"Portions toll," says MapQuest. I reach for coins as we enter NY. Then, the sign: "Toll: $12.00." Drop coins. Reach for son's wallet. Seriously. But then that was it until PA on the way home. I'd almost rather pay it in a lump sum up front than be nickled and dimed all through a state. And though the traffic out the back window helped us define how "long" Long Island really was, the most amazing thing in this picture is which child is sleeping. 

Sag Harbor with Grampa & Gramma Gons. Decided on a short day trip, NY Italian lunch at Conca D' Oro, and a cuppa coffee at the contemporary general store Sylvester & Co... instead of driving all the way back to the Statue. Providentially relaxing and great to just be with my family.

The photographer, tucking her camera away from the drizzle.

So much fun to spend time with my twin. Love you, Mel.

Back to East Hampton for the rehearsal. The pastor was precious, not letting them say their whole vow, not pronouncing them Mr. & Mrs. Gons, making them wait one more day...

And then back to Sag Harbor for the rehearsal dinner at Muse in the Harbor with family (Bro-in-law Bryan and sister Melissa, here) & the wedding party.

Check out the aquarium in the center of the restaurant. Okay, so the couple's a bit more captivating. Aren't they great together!?

Dad & the Pastor enjoyed getting to know one another while Chef Guiffrida prepped our meals.

One of my bro's best friends, David Haskins, and his new bride, Marett. So glad they could be a part of this special time. They really have become part of our family. 

And Mark in the middle of it all. So thankful for my go-with-the-flow, happy baby. Next up: the reason for the DC NY road trip 2012: Jordan & Lissa's wedding!

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