DC NY road trip 2012: Washington Monument and Smithsonian Museums

Gentleman in training.
(Photo courtesy of Becky Cox, the little girl's mom.)

White House, from a distance.

Mark Judson on the lawn surrounding the Washington Monument. Making our own history.
Jordan Elliot's class work from BJUP's 1st grade Phonics curriculum used Smithsonian photos like this one for its illustrations this week while we were on vacation. Fabulous "coincidence!"

This original Smithsonian's architecture was just breathtaking.  
And since the Washington Monument wasn't actually a statue of George Washington, the boys were pleased to find this piece in the National Museum of American History. 

And then I was thankful for the little girls along for the trip who were immensely interested in the First Ladies exhibit. This dress (center) belonging to First Lady Frances Folsom Cleveland, wife of President Grover Cleveland, was my personal favorite. She was apparently quite the trend setter for women's fashion, from her White House wedding and throughout her husband's two tenures. (As a side note, I always find it amusing that my husband, Alan Grover Jr, was born in Cleveland OH.)

Hospitality is a premier role of America's First Ladies. Each President's wife gets to select her own china for the occasions she will have for Entertaining at the White House. My personal favorite belonged to First Lady Julia Dent Grant, wife of Ulysses S. Grant. I just absolutely love this pattern!

First Ladies' exhibit for the girls; Air & Space Museum for the boys!

Fabulous field trip!

Happy boys!

Sleeping baby!

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