DC NY road trip 2012: Lincoln Memorial

Entertainment in the car. Thanks to Alan's mom (a.k.a., "Mimi") for the fabulous travel foods. We enjoyed them immensely!

Ready to tour. Binoculars in hand. Umbrellas. Jackets.  Mark, where are your socks?

Joined college and camp days friends with their families for a very special day trip.
Three strollers made for a tight elevator ride up to the Lincoln Memorial
but definitely came in handy for our 6+ mile walking tour of DC!

They were discussing Samson pushing down pillars. =) 

The Junior Ranger booklet gave us insightful information and the questions to ask
so we could learn as much as possible in a very short amount of time. 

Family photo op with the big man.

What building is on the back of the penny? Hint: the man's photo on the front is Lincoln. So much cooler when you've been inside!

Just wait, there's more!
(I love that face!)

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