What God wants me to be... when I grow up...

I was just talking to Micah about what he wanted to be and he said he wasn't sure God knew yet what He would want him to be. I told him I was sure God knew, but that He just hadn't made it clear to him yet. =) When Jordan-Elliot said that when he grew up he wanted to be a cowboy, Micah told him it didn't matter what he "wanted" to do, he needed to do whatever God wanted him to do. But (and I said all that really to say this) then I got to share that when you want to please God, what He wants you to do will end up being something you really like doing too. I shared with him that right now God wants Mommy to be a wife, a mommy, and a teacher. I love all three. I love being Alan's wife, Micah & Jordan-Elliot's mommy, and I really am loving teaching too. "He gives us the desires of our hearts" in more than one way... =)

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