"Doc" Thompson

As the year 2008 comes to a close, our family has taken some time to reflect on the life of one of God's faithful servants: Dr. Orville C. Thompson, a.k.a. Grampa.

After discovering a blood clot in Grampa's brain, the doctors did everything they could. He had one day of incredible recovery during which he told Gramma a hundred times how much he loved her and also threatened to send her home if she didn't quit fussing over him. Bleeding in his brain erupted in three areas and despite two more procedures, the doctors could do nothing. He breathed his last earthly breath on Sunday, the 21st of December. "To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord." We're so thankful that his suffering was brief and that it is "not worthy to compared with the glory" that he's experiencing presently.

I'm so thankful for the testimony of a man who faithfully prayed with his wife and kissed her after every meal, supported missionary friends (including getting to worship with believers from the tribe Jim Elliot established contact with), built the local church (physically after an arsenist set fire to the building, and spiritually as he built relationships with other men), labored for the good of mankind (using his veterinary skills and wisdom to develop fertilization products and ensure quality control in food sources, etc), and was so patient in all of it. He invested in each of his family members and so many of his coworkers. And it was all a passing on of the grace that was given to him through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Grampa was led to the Lord while in the service. His conversion was real and forever. So many of his buddies preceded him to the Throne. What reunions must be going on. Can't wait 'til it's my turn, but I know it's my job to do as he did: live faithfully--praying, encouraging, supporting, and loving each step of the way.

Well done, Grampa! Looking forward to being with you and so many others, but most of all Jesus, when it's His time for me too.

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