"little words"

"We are all like the Word himself--we might say that we are 'little words,' made to be communicators in words just like our Creator. God is the One who called all worlds into being by his creative word, who sustains and rules over all things y his powerful and law-giving word, who reveals himself by his truth-giving word, who communicates by his life-giving word. We are to use language in imitation of him by exercising the gifts of creative imagination, by understanding and naming the world around us, by revealing ourselves truthfully in all we say and write, by communicating with our Creator and with one another to build trust and to give life to all of our relationships."

(from Jerram Barrs' _Through His Eyes: God's Perspective on Women in the Bible_, Eve at Creation, 17-18)

Reviewing this book for the Campus Store. So far, I'm loving it!!

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