creative bud vase

A flower is a gift of beauty to be enjoyed. Micah and Jordan-Elliot and I cut these together this morning, two from each of them. I hope if you're a mom you are as eagerly gifted with the various weeds and wonders little fingers find in creation.

In addition to flowers, I love quality herbs and spices, as evidenced by the empty jars. Aside from fresh-cut from the garden, McCormick's are the best. Tarragon, Dill Weed and Ground Coriander Seed are three of my favorite spices currently.

I grew up using dill, thanks to the Polish roots; Mom's chicken salad is kissed with tarragon and oh, so sweet; and the infamous recipe postcard for "Falafel--Israel's national snack" from Alan's trip last summer introduced me to coriander (also a gentle substitute for those allergic to pepper).

The glass McCormick's jars provide a fitting way to enjoy the kids' top picks in my kitchen. They're just the right size and such a fun, fresh way to showcase my little guys' gifts of love.

A transparent ribbon around the mouth of the jar would be a sweet touch as well.

Hope you have a wonderful summer, staying creative and cherishing all the memory-making moments.

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