"for such a time as this"

Esther is a fascinating account of faith. I had someone say to me recently regarding my being in a particular situation, "for such a time as this"--that climactic quotation from the book of Esther--an understood meaning conveyed that this may very well be God's plan at this particular time to bring about His divine purposes.

I've thought through the story plot, reading the book again this month, specifically asking myself, "What does a modern-day Esther look like? How might her example of faith apply to me?" And here are my musings:

Being a modern-day Esther may mean...
  • Submitting to your authority, doing what you don't want to do, with a heart full of hope, even while it's aching.
  • Withholding your full identity or specific request until rapport is established in a relationship. (In a witnessing situation, it may mean not giving the gospel upon first meeting--not every time, but sometimes. In a workplace scenario, it may mean holding your peace until the right time. It's not easy, but sometimes it's what's necessary to accomplish the goal.)
  • Fasting and praying, and asking other believers to join you in your beseeching of God for His power and mercy, believing God for a miraculous answer.
  • Making a bold presentation, doing the unexpected, breaking the culture's normal formalities--by faith.
  • Getting to be a part of something way bigger than yourself that God is going to do on behalf of those who believe in Him.
  • Seeing God change the heart of a man in charge, a man of honor.
Pray for me as I pray for you. God will accomplish that which concerns us. Let's walk by faith, my friends, no matter what.
With hope,

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